If you are trying out the club for your 1st time, check out the “New Skater Information” Page.

Required Equipment – 2022-2023 Season

ItemEst. CostResourceNotes
Helmet$100CBC or Specialized EquipmentBike helmet work as well, for beginners. The club has a discount with CBC
Full Cut Resistant Skin Suit$250See MSSC CoachCut Resistant Material is ordered several times a year
Cut Resistant Gloves$10-$60Amazon or CBC Any cut-resistant specific gloves or leather. The Club has a discount with CBC
Eye Protection$16AmazonAny sort of glasses to keep potential ice chips from flying into eyes
Bibbed Neck Guard$20AmazonClub has several neck guards to use as needed
Ankle Protection$15See MSSC CoachCut Resistant Material is ordered several times a year
Skates$150+Bont and CBCThe club has several to rent. The club also has a discount with CBC
Guards$12CBCHard guards are used to walk from locker room to ice. Debris on floor and strip and edge very quickly, unlike hockey and figure skates. NEVER STORE BLADES IN THESE, otherwise blade will rust
Soakers$20CBC, Bont, Specialized EquipmentSoakers ensure skate blades stay dry and don’t rust. These are also very easy to DIY
Burr Stone$5CBB, Specialized EquipmentEssential Skate Maintenance
Wrench – 10 mm$5AmazonEssential Skate Maintenance
Bag$0+Use any bag that fits your equipment nicely. Backpacks work great. Amazon Ski Boot bags are cheap or Bont and Bontrager make skating specific bags
Towel$0Find and old rag or towel at the house and use to wipe down blades after every practice to ensure they don’t rust

Other Useful Equipment Advice.

Blister ProtectionEZ Fits and Bunga Pads are 2 very helpful options to minimize and eliminate blisters.

— Alternatively, double up on synthetic socks to reduce direct friction to skin and keep feet dry. 7 strategies to prevent blisters. 

Looking to get your skates sharpened? 

Reach out to the Madison coaches in person or by emailing madisonspeedskatingclub@gmail.com to see who is available.

Sharpening costs: $5- $20 depending on how long it takes to sharpen (i.e. how dull they are)

There are a number of veteran skaters willing to sharpen your skates for a nominal fee. This helps both you and them. You no longer have to skate on dull, butter-knife like, blades. And they can save money to buy more skating equipment.

Specialized Equipment: https://www.specialequipment.com/