If you are trying out the club for your 1st time, check out the “New Skater Information” Page.

Other Useful Equipment Advice.

Blister ProtectionEZ Fits and Bunga Pads are 2 very helpful options to minimize and eliminate blisters.

— Alternatively, double up on synthetic socks to reduce direct friction to skin and keep feet dry. 7 strategies to prevent blisters. 

Looking to get your skates sharpened? 

Reach out to the Madison coaches in person or by emailing to see who is available.

Sharpening costs: $5- $20 depending on how long it takes to sharpen (i.e. how dull they are)

There are a number of veteran skaters willing to sharpen your skates for a nominal fee. This helps both you and them. You no longer have to skate on dull, butter-knife like, blades. And they can save money to buy more skating equipment.

Specialized Equipment:

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