Mission Statement:

MSSC, Inc to grow the sport of short and long track speedskating in Madison, Wisconsin through facilitating an amateur sports club that provides educational opportunities that support skater and social development and competition competency.

The club hopes to instill a love for skating, foster life-long friendships, and support skater development by providing quality coaching, facilities, programming, and leadership.


The MSSC aligns with the US Speedskating vision.

From pond to podium, we envision a sport where all ages can experience the thrill of speed and the camaraderie of the skating community.


The MSSC aligns with the US Speedskating values.

US Speedskating is inspired by the pursuit of excellence, and our values guide our behavior.

  • Unity – through long-standing traditions and trusting relationships
  • Integrity – through honesty and respect for fair play
  • Discipline – through assumption of personal responsibility
  • Determination – though perseverance and dedication
  • Character – though adherence to ethical standards and principles
  • Self-efficacy – through display of confidence under adverse conditions


Wisconsin Speed Skating Association

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Wisconsin Speed skating Association, a non-profit organization, is to facilitate the development of clubs and teams by  helping to develop programs and membership. The Wisconsin Speedskating Association strives to promote and encourage the advancement and improvement of the sport of ice speed skating in Wisconsin and to create a safe, fulfilling and enriching environment for the clubs, teams, and membership.