Location: Short track ice practices will be at the Oregon Community Sports Arena (OIA)


Off Season (Summer Training): Starting June 1st.

Technical Speedskating Session: Saturdays at 3:45pm at OIA

Inlining : Tuesdays and Thursdays at Verona High School Parking Lot at 5:45pm

Dryland Session: Wednesdays at 5:45pm at Fitchburg Savanna Oaks Middle School

The club offers opportunities for every interested athlete

In- Season (Fall, Winter, Spring Training): October

The recreational skating practices have more participants and requires a little less commitment. This is a great time for skaters to socialize with new friends while learn new skating skills and sportsmanship.

The competitive skating practices require a higher commitment and focuses on technique, endurance, and competition strategy. For example, BKC workouts are at 5:30 am and  long distance workouts consists of 80-106 laps, which equates to approx. 6-7 miles.

Club Practice (Club): Included in membership dues.

cropped-2019-01-31_1218.png(Recreational/ Competitive): Mondays:(Recreational/Competitive): Monday’s at 5:45pm– See Team Snap for up to date times

Breakfast Club Practice (BKC): Not included in membership dues.


Additional Fee: $10 / person

(Competitive) Tuesdays and Thursdays.

See Team Snap for up to date times




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