Our USS Certified coaches have completed rigorous training in coaching theory and technical practice.  In addition, they have passed a background check, and are certified in first aid/CPR, concussion awareness, and Safe Sport. UpdatedUSSCoachingRequirements_11_17

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Dan (Sarge) Greene

2019 Team USA Volunteer Coach of the Year

Dan (Sarge) Green, 2019 Team US Volunteer Coach of the Year is a Level 2 US Speed Skating Certified coach and a 4 time National Champion. Additionally, he has coached high-school Rugby and is currently coaching his son’s baseball and football teams.

He demonstrates an unbreakable commitment and passion for speed skating and strives to move himself, skaters, and the club to the next level. He has been skating since he was 11 years old (1975). Through hard work and dedication, he won his first medal 4 years later. In 1988, he finished 13th at Short Track Olympic Trials and 8th at Long Track Nationals in the Senior ‘A’ division. Greene joined the Marine Corps and retired from speed skating, only to return to his beloved sport in 2007. However, due to his time in the service, he is 60-percent disabled and was told by the Veteran Affairs to stop skating in 2014. Regardless of these warnings, Greene went on in 2017 to be the US National Champion in Short Track (ages 50-59) while his son Conor watched and cheered him on with all his heart.  In 2019, Greene became a two-time National Champion in one year, taking 1st in his age class for both Long and Short Track  National Championships. Full Bio: Dan (Sarge) Greene- Post-National’s Win Interview. 2019 USOPC Volunteer Coach of the Year – Daniel Greene. Coach Sarge: US Speed Skating L2 Coaching Certification

Conor Greene

Conor Greene, Dan’s son, is a Fundamentals Level US Speed Skating Certified coach and has been skating since he was 3 years old. He assists in creating and implementing practice drills and workouts, as well as helps with new skater skill development, and skater encouragement.

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Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy is a Level 2 US Speed Skating Certified coach and joined Madison Speed Skating club in April 2018. Mary transitions to the sport from a background in Ice Hockey and has 8+ years experience working at sleep-away summer camps and YMCA care.

After learning to ice skate at age 13, she joined the boys high school team, making her the only female on the team. As a sophomore, she stepped into a new role to fill a gap on the team– and became a goalie. After graduating high school and playing for club teams, Mary finally came across an opportunity to live a dream of her’s — to play at a college level. She wound up in a Division 3 team at Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY. After graduation, Mary took a six year gap due to other commitments and reoccurring injury. Once arriving to Madison, WI for a graduate degree in Library and Information Science, Mary hoped to find an opportunity to skate once again and perhaps coach a team. Though hockey was on her mind, she knew of the reputation of the Madison Speed Skating Club and tried it out. She was pleasantly surprised by the sportsmanship, technical aspects, and overall culture of the sport.

Coach Mary US Speedskating L2_Coaching Certification

Jack Schnor

Jack, our newest coach on staff, is Level 1 US Speed Skating Certified coach and is training to make TEAM USA. He works with both new and experienced skaters to build strength and skills.