Featured Skater of the Month– Reid Grice

Reid Grice

What 3 Words best describe speedskating?
Fun, learning, fast

Why do you enjoy skating?
Reid enjoys skating with his friends and likes to go fast.

What is a goal of yours in skating? Outside of skating?
His goal is to get better at crossovers.   And get another trophy.

What do you do off the ice (school, work/career, etc?)

Reid is a 2nd grader at Brooklyn Elementary.  He plays lacrosse and baseball. And he likes drawing cities and buildings.  He wants to be an architect.

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite book or movie?
Diary of a wimpy kid

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Costa Rica.  It’s warm and nice.

Way to go Jack!

Jack Schnor, one of our adopted skaters from Glen Elyn, IL broke his PB in the 1000m this am at the Am Cup in Salt Lake City, Utah. He skated a 1:36 and change, which set him for the next round and making him currently the 2nd fastest 2nd place.

“Jack, said it is pretty amazing skating with and against all of these skaters.”

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Very excited to be competing in his first Am Cup. Final results yet to come… We are proud of you Jack!


Park Ridge Novice Meet 2019

Thank you Park Ridge Club and volunteers for Hosting such a great meet!  It is such a fun and friendly competition to learn and practice the basics of racing.

Madison showed up in force!

Our team had 6 skaters compete (We were the 3rd largest team at the meet) and Team MSSC brought home several awards and many PB’s…..



Coach Mary (Masters) 1st place, skated an had 2 PB’s

Conor  (Pony’s) – the largest group (13) -1st place, fighting off some fierce competition in the finals.

Ried G (Pee Wee boys) – (6 Skaters) 2nd place, battling back after a fall to claim 2nd place!

Callie (Tiny Tots) – 3rd place, just joined team MSSC and skated so well coming over from Figure Skating

Will S (Pony Boys) skating in the largest group at the meet. Will also plays Hockey but was able to make it to his 1st (ST) “A” final

Daniel (Pony Boys) – Also skating in the largest group at the meet. Just miss making it to an A final… but came away with several PB’s!

Very Proud of how well all skated this weekend. This was a very well run meet and quick turn around for races well done to all. I have attached the times for all to review.

Suggestion from Coach Mary and Coach Sarge

Please write down times so you know when the hit a PB (Personal Best). Coach Mary has some extra not books to keep track of them. Several of our skaters use them now, but being that some are new we can show you how to do it:)

Since participating in competition is part of a skater’s development, I always encourage beginners to compete as part of their own personal growth as skaters.

As your skater progresses up the ladder they will want to know these. + it helps us to know when they get a PB

Team MSSC rocked! Well Done

USOPC Volunteer Coach of the Year – Daniel Greene

USOPC Volunteer Coach of the Year DAN GREENE and USOPC Doc Counsilman Award winner  ANDREW STUART

Each year US Speedskating offers it’s members the opportunity to submit nominations in various categories of coaching. The USS Coaching Task Force selects the best candidate to put forth to a national pool of coaches the USOPC selects the national winners from. Past USOPC winners include: Cindi Hart, Carl Cepuran, Tom Miller and Diane Holum.


The Volunteer Coach of the Year is presented to a coach who does not receive payment in any form for their involvement in coaching at any level. A volunteer coach at the Madison Speedskating Club, Greene has demonstrated commitment and passion for speedskating that has elevated both his athletes and club to the next level. After enduring a stroke in 2018, Greene became a certified US Speedskating coach in less than six months. He teaches athletes how to build tailored roadmaps for success and goes beyond to make speedskating accessible by donating equipment to help skaters achieve their goals. Last year, Greene’s club saw seven skaters compete in their first meet, 10 compete at regional competitions and eight qualify for the age-class short track national championships. He strives to provide resources to up-and-coming clubs to help build and sustain the sport in the Midwest and across the U.S.


Photo credits to Joe Kudlata

Holiday Classic LT Meet

Good Evening:

I just wanted to send out an update about the Long Track meet today! Wow, did not only Madison Show up but put up some very impressive results. I so proud of all of you who skated today.

Once again, we had more skaters at this meet than we have had in several years. Several skaters skated in there very first meet ever. There were alot of races and all or you skated so hard.

Here is the order of finish:  Madison had 4 skaters in one group! What a competitive group, way to go! These skaters battled every race. So proud of you 4 well done 3 of you had your first meet….



  • Daniel – 1st place -He won all 6 races
  • Reid -2nd place (His very first meet)
  • Will – 4th place (his very first meet as well) he just missed 3rd
  • Louisa – 5th place (her very 1st meet as well)

Narwhals:  Conor, skated to a 3rd place finish, skating in one of the largest groups I believe his group had 13+ skaters. We done, Coach Elise from IL commented on ” How Awesome Conor’s form was”

Polar Bears:  Matthew, Blazed to a first place finish. He had to kind of back off on the starts and then his technical skating took over. Well out distancing the field! He won all of his races from start to finish! This group also had 10+ skaters in it

Seals: Jack, once again, skated in the fastest group of skaters. His overall finish was 3rd. However the Highlight was his PB and 2nd place in the 500m, scorching the track at 42:990. That is playing with the big guns. Also 10+ Skaters!

Walruses: This featured coach Mary skating to a 4th place finish. She overcame some struggles with her equipment to pull our 2 exciting 3rd place results in the final 2 races.

One of the highlights for me this weekend was Diane one of our older skaters(68) entered the meet with a goal to skate lower and faster than she has in the past. She was skating with folks half her age. She was hanging in there. She hit her goal, the lowest and fastest I have seen her skate this year!

Congrats goes out to all. Next meet we get even more, I had several folks tell me it looked like we had Madison skaters all over the place and are excited with the growth of our team!

Congrats and have a great weekend, thanks to all of you who sent there congrats on the US Olympic Award, so many of you were instrumental in helping me achieve this amazing goal. Stay tuned press releases are coming soon. This award is great for our club!

Coach Sarge

Park Ridge and Franklin Park Meets

Great Job to the Madison Team this weekend, several skaters skated one or both days. Madison Brought home several Championships along with several Personal Bests. 

Here is who skated both days:

Sat (Park Ridge) 

Jack (Our adopted IL skater)- Won the fastest 1000M award, for the entire meet”Called the Rich Widmark Award. He ended up finishing 2nd over all. Skating with the fastest skaters at the meet!

Calvin – Finished 4th, skating with Jack and the rest of the fastest Skaters in the meet. He was flying from what Coach Mary says!

Daniel – Skated very well! He was in a very tough group as well. He is so improved over last year and you can see it on the ice, every time he skates

Sunday (Franklin Park) –Barrel Buster 

Conor- Champion in Group 3

Coach Mary- Champion in Group 8

Coach Sarge- Champion in Group 9

Jack (Our adopted IL skater) 2nd place in group 7 (The fastest skaters at the meet) 

Calvin- 4th place place in group 7 (The fastest skaters at the meet) He had several PB’s, highlighted by a 2nd place finish in the 500M!!!

Daniel – Skated very well, he was in a very tough group, fought through a couple of falls and skated very well!


Bont Boot and Blade- Special Offers


Looking for equipment of your own? We have two special offers for boot and blades packages from our vendors. Boots are fully heat moldable.


Entry Level / Competition and Recreation:

 Bont Patriot  Boots with Bont  Blades $199



Entry to Intermediate / Competition:

Bont Patriot Boots with  EVO Chrome blades  $ 499



Questions? Contact Madison Coaches


Season Starts Soon! Come Join Us

Madison Speedskating Practice 2019-2020 season starts on Monday, September 16that 5:30-7:20

The following is important information for the beginning of the season. Please read thoroughly and reach out with questions.

Parent Involvement and Engagement:

Parents, you will be expected to be actively engaged in club practice and meets this season. Please be prepared to help. You will be asked to help in various areas and participate in our club. Don’t worry about experience, you will be given guidance as necessary. Veteran members, please be prepared to help new families with any questions they may have.

Speedskating is a family sport and therefore family engagement is key. US Speedskating certified coach(es) must be on the ice before any skater can enter. Therefore, in order for your child (and/or yourself) to have as much ice time as possible and to have actively engaged coaches on the ice. The club relies on your help. You are now part of our skating family and community. Please step up as needed to help set up and take down pads, tighten skates, keep the skater box organized, open doors on and off the ice, and more.

This is not swimming lessons where you drop your child off, and sit back and watch, while letting the instructors completely care for the child. Speedskating can be a dangerous sport and we appreciate all you do to keep it safe, fun, and healthy.


Team Snap:

Team snap is our central communication tool and will be used for volunteering duties, practice and meet schedules, etc. Please keep an eye on the app (or website) and keep your availability up to date. a tutorial on how to use team snap is below.



First 10 practices for as follows:

5:40p-6:10p: Learn to Speedskate and Technical Training.

Everyone is welcome to join this first half of practice. It will focus on learning and practicing basic skills—basic position, gliding, crossovers, pressure into ice, and more. If you are new to the sport or feel you could benefit from more technical drills and one-one coaching. Come Join Us!

 6:10-7:10: Club Practice

The second half will be more geared towards skating laps and gaining endurance. Coaching will be general to each group, with occasional one-one with skater but less than in the first half of practice. There will be quick transitions between activities and groups.

Club Practice Arrival:

When you arrive at the rink, walk through the lobby, into the ice area and go right, towards the locker rooms and hockey benches. There will be signs on the locker-rooms we are allowed to use.


A US Speedskating certified coach must be on the ice at all times. Therefore, once your child is ready to skate, instruct them to stay on the bench until the coach calls them out on the ice, for the start of practice.


Duties we need help with for 1st Practice: Please indicate availability to help on Team snap by emailing/calling Mary Murphy, adding a note to your availability for practice, or assigning yourself for the duty. Many of these repeat each week…

  • Skater Box- Help pull out skates and skins while keeping it organized
  • Sign Out Binder- Logging rented out equipment
  • Label helmets with skater’s name
  • Pad set up and take down
  • Bench door opener and safety monitor
  • Help with membership form and safe sport certification collection


Renting Equipment.

All the club skates have been sharpened and are ready for use. Please ensure to complete the rental agreement in the membership packet and return during first practice. You will be able to take home your rented skates and skin — $50 for the season.

Club Skates and Skins:

If you plan to use club skates or skins, please arrive by 5:20pm in order to check them out. We have limited number of each, so it will be based on a first come first serve basis.

There will be an opportunity to order skins in the near future, once the season starts up. Finally, remember to bring your own helmet (bike helmet is ok to use), gloves, and warm clothes that you can move in (i.e. sweatpants). Additionally, if you’d like to purchase equipment (skates, helmet, etc), talk to Coach Sarge or Coach Mary and look at the vendor page on the club’s website, under “purchasing equipment.”


If your skates do not currently have guards (i.e. you only see a sharp blade), take care to only walk on rubber mats and not on tile, cement, etc. Find a veteran parent or coach to find guards for the future.


Membership Paperwork

Membership paperwork packet can be found in the Media tab of Team Snap as well as on our website. Madisonspeedskatingclub.org. Under “Join the Team\Parent Info”. Please complete and return during the first practice. Limited Paper copies will be available at the rink, during practice.

 Membership Dues:

Learn to Skate (L2S): 10 sessions $100.

1st Year ($250)

Individual after 1st year ($500)

Family Cap ($1,000)

L2S for 10 sessions $100 – will be applied to 1st year membership if L2S Skater decides to join the MSSC club


Payments: Dues can be paid in full or you can pay 1/2 based on dates below:

Installments are due as follows:



Other Items.

If you or your skater wants to complete this year. You will need to become a member of US Speedskating. https://www.teamusa.org/us-speedskating/members-and-clubs/membership/membership-registration


If you are 18+ years of age. You must provide verification of completion for Safe Sport to MSSC. To complete SafeSport Training, you are required to become at least a “Speedskating Nation Fan” member of US Speedskating, which is $25. https://www.teamusa.org/us-speedskating/about/safesport