Getting Started:

If you would like to try speedskating without committing to a membership, please email to let us know you are interested.

We offer each new skater 3 free trial sessions. If you enjoy skating and wish to join, see the Becoming a Member section below.

We will ask you a few questions,

  1. What is your shoe size? (So we can check our inventory and prepare rental skates)
  2. How did you hear about us?
  3. What skating discipline you are coming from, if any? (Speedskating, Hockey, Figure Skating, Roller, etc.)

If you would like to join our club’s communication network to stay up to date on all of the things we are doing, send your phone number and email so that we can add you to the club TeamSnap.


For your trial sessions:

  1. Helmet (Bike helmet works well)
  2. Warm athletic clothes
  3. Shin Pads (Soccer pads work well)
  4. Knee pads (Roller blading pads work well)
  5. Neck Guard (We can supply if you don’t have one)
  6. Gloves

Once you have decided to go all in, see our Equipment page.

Becoming a Member:

Membership fee after trial sessions: $450. Checks payable to MSSC Inc.*

Full Season New Member dues: $900 with a $1300 family cap. Checks payable to MSSC Inc.*

  1. Fill out a MSSC membership form
  2. Become a US Speedskating member.
  3. Anyone 10 or older must provide proof of SafeSport Certification.
  4. Join the club TeamSnap if you haven’t already.

*Rates may change year to year, new member rates are determined by time of year, you will be considered a Full Season New Member the year following the year you used your trial sessions.

New to Ice Skating?

We work with skaters of all levels, we will be more than happy to support you.

If you feel more comfortable with a dedicated Learn To Skate program, check out the Oregon Ice Arena Skating School in Oregon Wisconsin, which we are also working with.

We will also occasionally have a Learn To Skate only session with our normal practice.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you for checking us out, we are so excited to have you on our team!

– Madison Coaches and Club