The following is important information for the beginning of the season. Please read thoroughly and reach out with questions.

Parent Expectations

Parent Involvement and Engagement: Parents, you will be expected to be actively engaged in club practice and meets this season. Please be prepared to help. You will be asked to help in various areas and participate in our club. Don’t worry about experience, you will be given guidance as necessary. Veteran members, please be prepared to help new families with any questions they may have.

Speedskating is a family sport and therefore family engagement is key. US Speedskating certified coach(es) must be on the ice before any skater can enter. Therefore, in order for your child (and/or yourself) to have as much ice time as possible and to have actively engaged coaches on the ice. The club relies on your help. You are now part of our skating family and community. Please step up as needed to help set up and take down pads, tighten skates, keep the skater box organized, open doors on and off the ice, and more.

This is not swimming lessons where you drop your child off, and sit back and watch, while letting the instructors completely care for the child. Speedskating can be a dangerous sport and we appreciate all you do to keep it safe, fun, and healthy.

 Team Snap: Team snap is our central communication tool and will be used for volunteering duties, practice and meet schedules, etc. Please keep an eye on the app (or website) and keep your availability up to date. a tutorial on how to use team snap is below. 

Club Practice Arrival: When you arrive at the Oregon rink, walk through the lobby, into the ice area and go right, towards the locker rooms and hockey benches.

A US Speedskating certified coach must be on the ice at all times. Therefore, once your child is ready to skate, instruct them to stay on the bench until the coach calls them out on the ice, for the start of practice.

 Duties we need help with Please indicate availability to help on Team snap by emailing/calling Mary Murphy, adding a note to your availability for practice, or assigning yourself for the duty. Many of these repeat each week…

  • Skater Box- Help pull out skates and skins while keeping it organized
  • Sign Out Binder- Logging rented out equipment (if applicable)
  • Label helmets with skater’s name (if applicable)
  • Pad set up and take down
  • Bench door opener and safety monitor
  • Help with membership form and safe sport certification collection (if applicable)

Renting Equipment. 1st Practice of Season: All the club skates have been sharpened and are ready for use. Please ensure to complete the rental agreement in the membership packet and return during first practice. You will be able to take home your rented skates and skin.

Club Skates and Skins: If you plan to use club skates or skins, please arrive by 5:20pm in order to check them out. We have limited number of each, so it will be based on a first come first serve basis.

There will be an opportunity to order skins in the near future, once the season starts up. Finally, remember to bring your own helmet (bike helmet is ok to use), gloves, and warm clothes that you can move in (i.e. sweatpants). Additionally, if you’d like to purchase equipment (skates, helmet, etc), talk to Coach Sarge or Coach Mary and look at the vendor page on the club’s website, under “purchasing equipment.”

If your skates do not currently have guards (i.e. you only see a sharp blade), take care to only walk on rubber mats and not on tile, cement, etc. Find a veteran parent or coach to find guards for the future.

Other Items. If you or your skater wants to compete this year. You will need to become a member of US Speedskating.

If you are 18+ years of age. You must provide verification of completion for Safe Sport to MSSC. To complete SafeSport Training, you are required to become at least a “Speedskating Nation Fan” member of US Speedskating, which is $25.