Dane County Public Health Department categorized Speedskating as a Low Risk Sport

“Low risk sports are sports that, without modification, are played individually or played with physical distancing and where there is no to minimal sharing of equipment or the ability to clean the equipment between use is available”

Is it okay to hold practices? Practices, drills, catch, instructional lessons, etc. are allowed with 6 feet physical distancing. This applies to low, medium, and high risk sports

Is it okay to hold sport competitions? Yes, for low risk sports with 6ft physical distancing.

Please Update Team Snap

  • Complete TeamSnap availability each week, to track attendance
  • Complete Team Snap Health Check Survey before each practice time, to track health

Oregon Ice Arena
 requires the following restrictions at the rink. 

Arrival and Departure

Do NOT arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your ice session start time, and please leave the building within 15 minutes of the end of the ice time.

Locker Rooms and Ice

  • Max Capacity on Ice: 25 (Including Coaches)• Max Capacity per Locker Room: 10
  • • Locker Room Doors Must Remain OPEN at all times.
  • Arrive Dressed and Ready (Only need to put on skates and helmet)• Follow 6ft Social Distancing
  • Face Coverings MUST be worn by everyone in the rink


  • Parents watching much social distance in lobby and on bleachers at all times
  • If you are staying in the lobby: if the numbers in the lobby are more than 10-15, please move into the rink/bleacher area or outside.

Additional Considerations:

  • Self-Monitor Health. Do Not enter rink if you are not feeling well, traveled to a high-risk area, or been in contact with someone tested positive. Follow CDC regulations.
  • Wash your hands in bathroom upon entering rink and before leaving
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