US National Long Track and US National Short track competitions requires a Helmet, cut proof under skin, neck guard, Cut resistant gloves, Shin Guards, No skin can be exposed at all…

Helmet– Form-fitting helmet (bike helmet is ok to use)

Gloves –preferably cut resistant

Shin guards – especially if you don’t have cut resistant skin suit

Neck Guard– We have a limited supply to rent out.

Mouth Guard is recommended. Not required, but you may want one as your child gets faster

Cut Resistant Skin Suits and/or underskins are required for competition. The club has a limited supply to rent out. There will be an order made during the season. A skin suit is around $200.

If you are ready to purchase other speedskating equipment, navigate to the “Buying Equip” section in our website.


Looking to get your skates sharpened? 

Reach out to the Madison coaches in person or by emailing to see who is available.

Sharpening costs: $5- $20 depending on how long it takes to sharpen (i.e. how dull they are)

There are a number of veteran skaters willing to sharpen your skates for a nominal fee. This helps both you and them. You no longer have to skate on dull, butter-knife like, blades. And they can save money to buy more skating equipment.

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