Team Banquet 2018-2019

This past weekend, the MSSC came back together to celebrate the finish of another skating season.

It sure looked like everyone enjoyed being back on the ice after our month break. Our open ice time became the unofficial start to our summer season, with a 10×3 warm up and everything. I loved feeling the ice under my feet and seeing everyone ready to start up again, full speed ahead. I know I’m looking forward to summer and I hope you are too!

Thank you to the planning committee for organizing the event. Thank you Bob for preparing the awards. Thank you coaches for the leadership on the ice.

And finally, a HUGE thank you to the Oregon Ice Rink and On Ice Promotions for all that you do for our club!

Thank you Justin Endo for recording!  Zip File for video recording of the 2019 skate banquet

Congrats to our skaters who earned awards this season!

Conor Greene: Most Improved Award
Mathew Voegeli: Coach’s award
Calvin Williams: Bill Carrow Award

First Time Competitors:
Andy and Anna Endo, Eliza Rhodehamel,
Haze and Haden Park, Coach Mary

Andy and Anna Endo: First Time Competitors

ST Nationals Championship Qualifiers:
Coach Sarge, Isaiah Janisch, Mathew Voegeli,
Calvin Williams, Eliza Rhodehamel, Andy Endo


Coach Mary

A Big Thank You

Thank you to Tom and the Riley Family, Bob, and the rest of Madison Speed Skating Club for hosting an amazing weekend of speed skating. With out the help of our volunteer coaches, parents, and skaters; the weekend would not have been as successful as it was.

So Thank you. Thank you for your time and effort, for you dedication to the sport, for seeking out sponsors, baking muffins, organizing people, setting up pads, and for all the other background logistics no one really sees. Thank you.

A special Thank you to Tom and the Riley Family for your continued support and dedication to the Madison Speed Skating Club. We can count on you to jump in and take lead in every aspect of the sport, from hosting events, organizing food, helmet covers, grab bags and more, refereeing, ice crew, and coaching.


We are sad to see you go, but we wish you luck in the future. You will always be welcome in our skating family. We hope to fill the shoes you have left behind and continue to advance our skaters to the next level and build a love of skating and community in Madison and beyond.  We appreciate and respect all that you have done for the club over the years and the sport of speed skating. Thank you.


Thank you,

Madison Coaches

ST National Championship 2019

Wow, What a Weekend!

Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make this weekend a success!

Congratulations to all of our National’s Skaters. We are so proud of you and how much you have achieved this year!

A special congrats goes to all of our first time Nat’s competitors as well.


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Here are the final Standings. Pb’s all over the place and each hung with the best in the country! They worked so hard and it paid off.

Coach Dan (Sarge) Greene: 1st

Isaiah Janisch; 8th

Calvin Williams: 17th

Mathew Volegeli: 22nd

Andy Endo: 18th

Eliza Rhodahamel: 12th


Watch Live Stream Video Archive:

SpeediCast Videos on Youtube: “SpeediCast-2019 Short Track Age Group Nationals/Am Cup 3


More on YouTube. Click on Title to be redirected to YouTube site.

Madison Coaches




Short Track National’s Next Weekend!

It’s been an exciting week of planning for the ST National’s and American Cup coming up next weekend. The Chinese team has arrived and a number of our team have been able to watch their practices.. so cool. Man do they make it look easy.

Volunteers have been working tirelessly  in the background, finalizing logistics, such as marking the track, collecting donations, baking food, and more. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Finally, look at all the cool press we are getting. I’ve seen a local press release and a radio ad so far. Check them out!

Radio Advertisement:

Connect Verona Press Release

I look forward to seeing everyone there =D

Cheers, Coach Mary

Madison Speed Skating Team Photo

We were finally able to snag a team photos with so many strong skaters! Glad everyone could make it.

Also, Good Luck to all of our skaters this weekend at Land of Lincoln, as well as the upcoming Cheese Cup, and Nationals!


Madison Speed Skating Club Team 2019

Long Track National Championship 2019

This past weekend the Madison speed skaters competed at the US Age Group National Championship. Here’s a few highlights from the event:

  • We are proud to announce Sarge (Dan) Greene as the gold medalist in the 50-54 age group- Making him a 3 times National Champion.  Dan’s races were tight, but he continually proved his dominance at the finish line.
  • Competing in his first ever national championship, Conor Greene took the Junior E group by storm. In an excellent show of skating skill, Conor placed 7th in his age group. He also managed to pull off four personal best times in his events.


  • Isaiah Janisch skated hard in the strong Senior division. His efforts earned his 4th place over all.
  • In perhaps the most competitive group, Junior B men, Calvin Williams fought hard. After making several A finals, Calvin placed 7th.
  • Additionally, with help from a couple skaters from other clubs, Madison Speed Skaters, Isaiah Janisch and Calvin Williams skated to a 6th place finish in the Team Pursuit race.

Thanks to the placement of our four skaters, the Madison Speed Skating Club placed 10th in the Club Championship.

Madison Speed Skating Club at Long Track Nationals 2019, Pettit Center, Milwaukee, WI. From Left to Right. Isaiah Janisch, Bob Neville, Conor Greene, Coach Mary Murphy, and Coach Sarge (Dan) Greene. Not Shown: Calvin Williams