Season Starts Soon! Come Join Us

Madison Speedskating Practice 2019-2020 season starts on Monday, September 16that 5:30-7:20

The following is important information for the beginning of the season. Please read thoroughly and reach out with questions.

Parent Involvement and Engagement:

Parents, you will be expected to be actively engaged in club practice and meets this season. Please be prepared to help. You will be asked to help in various areas and participate in our club. Don’t worry about experience, you will be given guidance as necessary. Veteran members, please be prepared to help new families with any questions they may have.

Speedskating is a family sport and therefore family engagement is key. US Speedskating certified coach(es) must be on the ice before any skater can enter. Therefore, in order for your child (and/or yourself) to have as much ice time as possible and to have actively engaged coaches on the ice. The club relies on your help. You are now part of our skating family and community. Please step up as needed to help set up and take down pads, tighten skates, keep the skater box organized, open doors on and off the ice, and more.

This is not swimming lessons where you drop your child off, and sit back and watch, while letting the instructors completely care for the child. Speedskating can be a dangerous sport and we appreciate all you do to keep it safe, fun, and healthy.


Team Snap:

Team snap is our central communication tool and will be used for volunteering duties, practice and meet schedules, etc. Please keep an eye on the app (or website) and keep your availability up to date. a tutorial on how to use team snap is below.


First 10 practices for as follows:

5:40p-6:10p: Learn to Speedskate and Technical Training.

Everyone is welcome to join this first half of practice. It will focus on learning and practicing basic skills—basic position, gliding, crossovers, pressure into ice, and more. If you are new to the sport or feel you could benefit from more technical drills and one-one coaching. Come Join Us!

 6:10-7:10: Club Practice

The second half will be more geared towards skating laps and gaining endurance. Coaching will be general to each group, with occasional one-one with skater but less than in the first half of practice. There will be quick transitions between activities and groups.

Club Practice Arrival:

When you arrive at the rink, walk through the lobby, into the ice area and go right, towards the locker rooms and hockey benches. There will be signs on the locker-rooms we are allowed to use.


A US Speedskating certified coach must be on the ice at all times. Therefore, once your child is ready to skate, instruct them to stay on the bench until the coach calls them out on the ice, for the start of practice.


Duties we need help with for 1st Practice: Please indicate availability to help on Team snap by emailing/calling Mary Murphy, adding a note to your availability for practice, or assigning yourself for the duty. Many of these repeat each week…

  • Skater Box- Help pull out skates and skins while keeping it organized
  • Sign Out Binder- Logging rented out equipment
  • Label helmets with skater’s name
  • Pad set up and take down
  • Bench door opener and safety monitor
  • Help with membership form and safe sport certification collection


Renting Equipment.

All the club skates have been sharpened and are ready for use. Please ensure to complete the rental agreement in the membership packet and return during first practice. You will be able to take home your rented skates and skin — $50 for the season.

Club Skates and Skins:

If you plan to use club skates or skins, please arrive by 5:20pm in order to check them out. We have limited number of each, so it will be based on a first come first serve basis.

There will be an opportunity to order skins in the near future, once the season starts up. Finally, remember to bring your own helmet (bike helmet is ok to use), gloves, and warm clothes that you can move in (i.e. sweatpants). Additionally, if you’d like to purchase equipment (skates, helmet, etc), talk to Coach Sarge or Coach Mary and look at the vendor page on the club’s website, under “purchasing equipment.”


If your skates do not currently have guards (i.e. you only see a sharp blade), take care to only walk on rubber mats and not on tile, cement, etc. Find a veteran parent or coach to find guards for the future.


Membership Paperwork

Membership paperwork packet can be found in the Media tab of Team Snap as well as on our website. Under “Join the Team\Parent Info”. Please complete and return during the first practice. Limited Paper copies will be available at the rink, during practice.

 Membership Dues:

Learn to Skate (L2S): 10 sessions $100.

1st Year ($250)

Individual after 1st year ($500)

Family Cap ($1,000)

L2S for 10 sessions $100 – will be applied to 1st year membership if L2S Skater decides to join the MSSC club


Payments: Dues can be paid in full or you can pay 1/2 based on dates below:

Installments are due as follows:



Other Items.

If you or your skater wants to complete this year. You will need to become a member of US Speedskating.


If you are 18+ years of age. You must provide verification of completion for Safe Sport to MSSC. To complete SafeSport Training, you are required to become at least a “Speedskating Nation Fan” member of US Speedskating, which is $25.


2019-2020 Practice Schedule is Here!

The Season will start SEPT 16.

Check out the Practice Schedule on Team Snap

We will have MSSC Practice Every Monday and Alternating Wednesdays.

Starting in September, We will offer 10 Learn to Speed Skate sessions before normal practice, for new skaters (BRING A FRIEND!)  and those who want one-on-one attention from a coach.

Finally, the Last Monday of each month, we will learn to compete in our Madison Meet Series. Everyone will have the opportunity to skate 2 races and learn the ins and outs of a competition, while in practice.

We look forward to see you all in September!


Coach Mary

Summer Session Starts this Saturday!

Summer Season: Starting June 1st.

Technical Speedskating Session: $10 per skater

Saturdays at 7:45am – 8:50am.
Please arrive at 7:25am for set up.

Dryland Session: $5 per skater

Wednesdays at 6:00pm- 7:00pm
All Practices are held at Oregon Ice Rink, Oregon, WI

For Week Long Training Schedule look at calendar found on Practice Schedule under JOIN THE TEAM Menu Item. For detailed workouts, talk to Coach Sarge and Team Snap.

Travels to Netherlands and Germany


Good afternoon,

As a few of you know, I (coach Mary) am traveling for few weeks and I thought I’d give a short update. I am traveling through Netherlands and Germany for a Rotary International fellowship exchange and convention. I arrived on Thursday, after traveling for approx 14 hrs.

It is currently 11pm in Groningen. It is one of the most northern points of Netherlands. I am staying at a host family, along with my mom. We spent the day looking at energy plants and wind mills, as well as large harbors.

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Before Groningen, we spent 2 days in Bremen, Germany. I took photos of the old town architecture, a political presentation, and the Bremen Town Musicians (look up Grimm’s fairytale).

Before I left he U.S. I checked for ice rinks, but unfortunately most ice has been melted down for he season. Nonetheless, I am still walking on the soil of a great history of speed skating.


Coach Mary


I’m arrived in Hamburg, Germany for the International Rotary Convention. I’m sad to have missed the first ice of summer session, but I am enjoying my travels! The past week, I participated in a Rotary friendship exchange near Groningen, Netherlands. Here are a few photos of my experiences.

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Last week, I attended the RI convention, here are some photos of Hamburg, Germany.

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Greetings from Berlin, Germany. I know, I know… this is the longest blog posting ever. I’m too lazy to separate them all out into a series!

Today I visited the local library, some remains of the Berlin Wall, a number of WWII memorials, and will be attending the philharmonic symphony tonight. Then tomorrow, will be heading to the Hamburg airport and will be back in good old Wisconsin, the next day.

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Training at the Pettit Center

A few of our MSSC team just finished their 5th dryland Speed Skating session with Katherine Reutter-Adamek..she is a World Champion and 2 X Olympic Medalist…she is right smack in the middle of the photo…she is the Right Stuff..

Dryland with Katherine Reutter-Adamek, at the Pettit Center. Left to Right (Back row): Mary, Dan, Katherine, Moses, Dennis. Left to Right (Front row): Conor, Liza. Photo taken on May 18th, 2019



I look forward to using some of her techniques and drills this summer at our MSSC dryland sessions! I look forward to seeing you on Wednesdays at 6pm at Oregon Ice Rink!



Coach Mary

Summer Training Season

Summer Season: Starting June 1st.

Technical Speedskating Session: $10 per skater

Saturdays at 7:45am – 8:50am.

Please arrive at 7:25am for set up.

Dryland Session: $5 per skater

Wednesdays at 6:00pm- 7:00pm

All Practices are held at Oregon Ice Rink, Oregon, WI


For Week Long Training Schedule look at calendar found on Practice Schedule under JOIN THE TEAM Menu Item. For detailed workouts, talk to Coach Sarge and Team Snap.

Team Banquet 2018-2019

This past weekend, the MSSC came back together to celebrate the finish of another skating season.

It sure looked like everyone enjoyed being back on the ice after our month break. Our open ice time became the unofficial start to our summer season, with a 10×3 warm up and everything. I loved feeling the ice under my feet and seeing everyone ready to start up again, full speed ahead. I know I’m looking forward to summer and I hope you are too!

Thank you to the planning committee for organizing the event. Thank you Bob for preparing the awards. Thank you coaches for the leadership on the ice.

And finally, a HUGE thank you to the Oregon Ice Rink and On Ice Promotions for all that you do for our club!

Thank you Justin Endo for recording!  Zip File for video recording of the 2019 skate banquet

Congrats to our skaters who earned awards this season!

Conor Greene: Most Improved Award
Mathew Voegeli: Coach’s award
Calvin Williams: Bill Carrow Award

First Time Competitors:
Andy and Anna Endo, Eliza Rhodehamel,
Haze and Haden Park, Coach Mary

Andy and Anna Endo: First Time Competitors

ST Nationals Championship Qualifiers:
Coach Sarge, Isaiah Janisch, Mathew Voegeli,
Calvin Williams, Eliza Rhodehamel, Andy Endo


Coach Mary