Madison Speed Skating Club – Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I join the Madison Speed Skating Club?

Email madisonspeedskatingclub@gmail.com or  just come to a practice and we’ll get you started.
Take a look at the FIRST PRACTICE? under Join the Team tab in the menu bar.

Where are do you skate?
Short track ice practices will be at the Oregon Community Sports Arena.

When do you skate?

The speed skating season is September through March. However, ice time is available year round. See the PRACTICE SCHEDULE under  Join the Team tab in the menu bar..

How do I stay in touch with the club?

Email madisonspeedskatingclub@gmail.com to request access to TEAM SNAP, which will provide central communication, schedules, and competitions.

How competitive is the club?

We serve all levels of skaters, from novices to Olympians. Skaters may identify as a recreational skater, while others are more competitive. No skater is too young or old. Some of our skaters choose not to compete, and a few have won gold at the Olympics.

What equipment do I need to get started?

Check out the Equipment page on our website to view all equipment needed.


We have loaner speed skates available. Check with us to see if we have your size.
If you have your own skates, bring them as a backup. You may use any kind of skate.

Does the club do short track or long track speed skating?

Both. All of our practices and competitions in Madison are short track, which uses an 111.12m track marked on a hockey rink. However, many of our club members travel together to the the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee to practice and compete at long track, which requires a 400m skating oval.

I don’t have a car, how can I get to practices?

Many of our members would be happy to carpool. Just send a message to the team E-mail asking for a ride.

Do I need to join US Speedskating or the Wisconsin Speedskating Association?

Yes, because our insurance coverage comes from these umbrella organizations, our members must join both US Speedskating and the Wisconsin Speedskating Association.

To enter most competitions, you must be a US Speedskating member for the same reason. WSA membership is included in the Madison Speed Skating Club dues, but USS membership is not. New skaters paying the drop-in rate have 1-day memberships for both WSA and USS included in the drop-in fee.

Does the club do inline speed skating?

Yes. Traditionally the main focus of the club is ice. However as inline speed skating grows in popularity more of our members do both disciplines. We have members who cross-train inline and ice. Several ice-focused skaters inline in the summer and inliners cross-train ice in the winter.

Check out Madison’s local inline club- MadCity Rollers:

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