​The Madison Coaches wanted to recognize and announce our 2020 season awardees and celebrate our first time competitors!

Congrats to our First Time Competitors!

  • Abe S
  • Reid G
  • Louisa M
  • Callie S
  • Daniel S
  • Will S

Awardees of 2020 Season

​After several deliberations, we are proud to announce the following; 

Most-Improved: Reid Grice
The Most-Improved award goes to an active athlete in our club that has shown tremendous improvement in the sport over the past season.

Reid has continued to grow in skill, character, attitude, and sportsmanship. At the beginning of the season Reid would beg to know when practice would end and now he wants our ice time to be longer. He also helps teach new athletes how to be comfortable on the ice, have fun, and build skill. Reid shows more and more confidence each time he is on the ice and even built up the courage to compete at a few competitions this year! All season he has been working on his cross-overs and the second week into summer session, he got it down and they look awesome! So Proud of you! ~Coach Mary 

Reid Grice Gold Cup Long Track 2020

Coaches’ Award: Dennis Hegge
The Coach’s Award goes to an active member of our club who is second to the coach. Someone who is always taking the initiative and stepping up to to help athletes, families, and prospective members on/off the ice and helping to make the coaches’ vision reality.  

Dennis is always helping the club out. Even though he was unable to skate much this year do other commitments or injury, is always the first to volunteer and show up. He is helped with the numerous moving of crash pads from rink to rink, Learn to Skate Program, Dryland, Master’s Membership Recruitment, and More. Dennis, you are often behind the scenes but have been essential to the success our our club. Thank you. ~Coach Sarge

Pettit Training with Katherine R

Jim Carrow Award: Not Awarded

Semper Fidelis Award: Jack Schnor 
As the Team USA Volunteer Coach of the Year, Coach Sarge wanted to give back to MSSC, Inc. who was fundamental in his achievement by awarding a new award in honor of his experiences in the military that has helped shape him into who he is today. As a Marine Corps veteran, Dan lives by the motto “adapt and overcome” and is always faithful to his family, team and country.  His dedication and passion to the sport and the club is evident and he wants to acknowledge others that exemplify the characteristics of semper fidelis within the team. By awarding the “Semper Fidelis Award (meaning “always faithful”) at the Madison Speedskating Club. The award goes to an active member within the club that portrays strong dedication, loyalty, and perseverance while in the club and sport.

Jack Schnor displayed the characteristics of the award. To adapt and overcome is a characteristic that can not be taught, it is one that you just do. Jack, did just that this entire year. He chose to come to Madison and become part of our family, to help coach, and to get more ice time! He has endured an awful lot this year, from competing in his first year skating American Cups with the top skaters in the world, to family commitments. Many obstacles hit him and he just found a way to adapt and overcome these obstacles. He has always kept his spirits high, worked as hard as he could, and kept moving forward. He strives to get better and join a national team but also is loyal to the Madison team by earning his coaching certificate and helping on and off the ice, as well as acting as a role model to newer skaters.  It gives me great pleasure to award this to him! Congrats Jack on a well-deserved accomplishment! ~Coach Sarge and Coach Mary

Jack Schnor — Am Cup 2020

Scholarship Fund Creation: Additionally, there will be new scholarship fund developed for athletes in financial need in recognition of the Semper Fi awardee to improve the opportunity for all athletes to develop in self, team, and country through the Marine Corps values and Olympian principles by incorporating the values of honor, courage, and commitment, with the passion for sport to build community. 

So proud of everyone! Congrats on your Achievements!

~Madison Coaches

Summer Season is Here!

Summer Cross-Training is essential to stay fit and be ready for next fall. Each week Madison coaches will send exercises through Team Snap. Also check out our new YouTube Channel Playlists for Dryland, Flexibility, and Core Exercises..

With some creativity, We are optimistically offering summer season cross-training- social distancing version. Coaching Staff will provide weekly workouts through team snap– Including Cardio, flexibility and mobility, and dryland. Keep an eye out each week’s training. So even if you can’t make it in person, you can keep active this summer.

We are going to try and offer social distance training this summer including, Please add your availability on teamsnap, follow social distancing measures, and wear a face-mask (running buffy or face gaitors are great!) Email if you are interested in attending or joining TeamSnap.

-Outdoor Inline Rollerblading (bring your own equipment)

-Possibly virtual competition with team members

-Dryland (with google meet or zoom virtual option)

-Ice Practice (20 skater max) Practice Start: 8:00am–Drop In Fee: Club members : $10 per person. Non-Club members: $25 per person

Good Luck at ST National’s!

2020 ST National’s – March 28-30; Greenbay WI

Frozen Asset Festival

MSSC helped Alumni and Olympian, Casey FitzRandolph demonstrate short track speedskating at the Frozen Asset Festival, this past weekend (Feb 8th, 2020). Conor Greene and Mathew Voegeli helped on the ice and many other MSSC team mates were watching from the side. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and the turnout to the event was great (check out that crowd)! Thanks Casey for letting us help you out!

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Featured Skater of the Month– Reid Grice

Reid Grice

What 3 Words best describe speedskating?
Fun, learning, fast

Why do you enjoy skating?
Reid enjoys skating with his friends and likes to go fast.

What is a goal of yours in skating? Outside of skating?
His goal is to get better at crossovers.   And get another trophy.

What do you do off the ice (school, work/career, etc?)

Reid is a 2nd grader at Brooklyn Elementary.  He plays lacrosse and baseball. And he likes drawing cities and buildings.  He wants to be an architect.

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite book or movie?
Diary of a wimpy kid

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Costa Rica.  It’s warm and nice.