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Madison Meet SEries #3

Way to Go MSSC on joining the US Speedskating Virtual Challenge!

Race Results are in! Overall Season Points can be found here:

SS= Standing Start | FS= Flying Start
For each individual race : 1st place: 500 points | 2nd place: 400 points | 3rd place: 250 points
Overall place is the total of all race points

Name85 m 1 Lap4 Lap (SS)1 Lap (FS)1 Lap (SS)4 Lap (SS)

1st: Piper : 2500 points
2nd: Sylvia: 2000 points
3rd: Carter: 1250 points

Name85m 1 Lap4 Lap (SS)1 Lap (FS)1 Lap (SS)4 Lap (SS)

1st: Reid: 2150 points
2nd: Annabelle: 2050 points
3rd: Tevin: 1550 points

Name1 Lap (FS)1 Lap (SS)4 Lap (SS)7 Lap (FS)

1st: Allison and Karl: Both at 1800 points each

Name85 m 1 Lap (SS)85m 4 lap (SS)111m 1 Lap (FS)777 (FS)
Janet17.661.00.6814.82No time reported

1st: Conor: 1900 points
2nd: Keiran: 1700 points
3rd : Janet 1000 points

Name1 Lap (SS)1 Lap (FS)4 Lap (SS)777 (FS)

1st: Jack: 2000 points

Madison meet series #2

We had another awesome race night this past week. It looked very different than #1 but none the less, it was a success! Plus, we added new technology. Way to go to Coach Marty for Photo Finish.

Check back soon for all youtube links.

Coach Marty believes we are the only club in the country using any kind of photofinish for their club races.  With the start gun sound synced to the camera, we’ve got 1/100th second accuracy with no human error. I’m working on figuring out a bluetooth trigger so we can call the starts from on the ice.
— Marty—>

Group 1 – Guardians of Galaxy

1. Piper
2. Sylvia
3. Carter
1. Piper 37.83
2. Sylvia 39.33
3. Tevan 39.79
4. Carter
1. Piper 1:01.77
2. Sylvia 1:03.66
3. Tevan 1:06.41
4. Carter 1:03.66 (time for 2 laps)
(no photo finish available)

Group 2– X Men

1. Sam 30.71
2. Annabelle 31.97
3. Reid  32.01
4. Tevan 34.58
1. Reid 1:11.00
2. Sam 1:11.16
3. Annabelle
1. Sam 1:28.64
2. Annabelle 1:33.96
3. Reid dropped out

Group 3– Masters of the Universe

1. Janet 1:03.60
2. Karl 1:05.54
3. Allison 1:06.68
4. Abe 1:11.02
1. Janet 1:10.032. Allison 1:1
3. Karl 1:13.17
4. Abe 1:13.7
1. Janet 1:50.58
2. Abe 1:53.93
3. Karl 1:54.40
4. Allison 1:55.85

Group 4 – Avengers

1. Tim 43.21
2. Conor 45.50
3. Kieran 55.20
1. Tim 1:06.23
2. Conor 1:07.20
3. Kieran 1:16.62
1. Conor 1:48.06
2. Kieran 1:48.32
3. Tim 1:48.38

Group 5– Captains

1000m500m1000m #2
1. Jack 1:55.90
2. Matthew  2:05.84
1. Jack 52.30
2. Matthew 56.24
1. Jack 2:03.66
2. Matthew 2:06.96

Practice during Dane County Emergency Order #10 (effective 2020-11-18)


In response to the increased COVID spike, we are modifying Monday practices.

These changes will allow us to keep skating, while decreasing the risks of transmission.  Your coaches have developed these changes in consultation with the rink managers, who have been in touch with Dane County DHS, in order to ensure we are in compliance with Emergency Order #10 (effective 2020-11-18).

  1.   Monday club sessions will continue as “open sessions” but with a strict plan (see changes below).  However, if any paid club members do not wish to skate, we will credit those sessions to next year, no questions asked.
  2. Locker rooms will NOT be used, due to the enclosed space.  Skaters should arrive as dressed as possible, and skates will be put on at the benches.  Kids will put skates on using the benches near the skate storage, and BOTH hockey benches, spread out as much as possible.  Adults will use the bottom of the bleachers, spread out as much as possible, and enter through the pad door or penalty box.  (There is no rubber mat on the bleachers side, so please have hard plastic skate guards ready.)
  3. Parents should use the TOP of the bleachers, spread out as much as possible.
  4. The sessions will have no direct coaching (but your coaches will be present).
    The session will be conducted as open speed skate, but will have a strict structure and workout plan that everyone must follow.
  5. Kids 5:45pm-6:30pm, adults 6:30pm-7:15pm.  Skaters will be given a workout plan ahead of time.  Kids and adults are each split into 2 groups as usual, and an off-ice coach will announce when it is time to switch groups
  6. The workout will be shared and sent out each Sunday night so all are prepared for Monday’s “Open Skate”.  There will be no relay exchanges, trains, or other touching.  High-fives are cancelled, but clapping for your teammates and Vulcan salutes are encouraged
  7. There is no dry-land at the practice.  Kids without adult skaters should leave after getting off the ice.  Adults without kid skaters should arrive at 6:15pm.  After your ice time, please change at home.  Virtual dry-land will continue, and dry-land workouts will be sent out, as well as info on participating in the USS November Challenge.
  8. As we have since the beginning of the season, masks are required 100% of the time, and stay home if you have any sign of illness.  Please check your temperature before coming to the rink, and wash your hands before coming and after getting home.
  9. Race nights will be regular “open skate” sessions until further notice.  We may be able to conduct individual time trials as part of the session.
  10. The Breakfast Club will stay in session every Tuesday and Thursday, following the same guidelines as above. If you are interested in skating one of those sessions, they start at 5:45am-7:10am @ a cost of $10 per session.Thanks for working with us to get through this, healthy and strong! 

    We look forward also to an active outdoor season at Vilas and Tenney Parks this year.


    MSSC Coaches