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Awesome Racing Season Everyone! Great Job and We look forward to doing it again next year. Here is the overall points —– Group 1 —– 111 m 29.242Winnie 45.475 222 m 58.960Winnie 1:20.020 333 m 1:24.594Winnie 1:58.850 —– Group 2 —– 111 m 21.326Sylvia… Continue Reading “MADISON MEET SERIES #5”


Hi folks, here are the results from the January MSSC race.  Follow the links for photofinish images. Closet finish: Senior Open 1 lap race, Conar and Keiran were separated by only 1/1000th of a second! 85 m, 1 lap 19.724Carter 28.187Winnie 52.269 85 m,… Continue Reading “MSSC MEET SERIES #4”


Way to Go MSSC on joining the US Speedskating Virtual Challenge! Race Results are in! Overall Season Points can be found here: Notes: SS= Standing Start | FS= Flying StartFor each individual race : 1st place: 500 points | 2nd place: 400 points |… Continue Reading “MADISON MEET SERIES #3”


We had another awesome race night this past week. It looked very different than #1 but none the less, it was a success! Plus, we added new technology. Way to go to Coach Marty for Photo Finish. Check back soon for all youtube links.… Continue Reading “MADISON MEET SERIES #2”

Practice during Dane County Emergency Order #10 (effective 2020-11-18)

Hi MSSC, In response to the increased COVID spike, we are modifying Monday practices. These changes will allow us to keep skating, while decreasing the risks of transmission.  Your coaches have developed these changes in consultation with the rink managers, who have been in… Continue Reading “Practice during Dane County Emergency Order #10 (effective 2020-11-18)”