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Practice during Dane County Emergency Order #10 (effective 2020-11-18)

Hi MSSC, In response to the increased COVID spike, we are modifying Monday practices. These changes will allow us to keep skating, while decreasing the risks of transmission.  Your coaches have developed these changes in consultation with the rink managers, who have been in… Continue Reading “Practice during Dane County Emergency Order #10 (effective 2020-11-18)”

Short Track Speedskating 101: Checking your Skate Blades

Ever wonder how coach determines if your blades needs sharpening? Now you can learn to do it yourself. No more skating on butler knives without knowing it. You want to sharpen your skates every 2-4 practices. Club members are willing to sharpen for a… Continue Reading “Short Track Speedskating 101: Checking your Skate Blades”

Madison Meet Series #1

Great Job at your first race this season! We are so proud of you and we hope you all had fun. Back to the Grind next week. Our next Madison Meet will be around the end of November. ~ Madison Coaches Looking to save… Continue Reading “Madison Meet Series #1”