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Madison Meet SEries #3

Way to Go MSSC on joining the US Speedskating Virtual Challenge! Race Results are in! Overall Season Points can be found here: Notes: SS= Standing Start | FS= Flying StartFor each individual race : 1st place: 500 points | 2nd place: 400 points |… Continue Reading “Madison Meet SEries #3”

Madison meet series #2

We had another awesome race night this past week. It looked very different than #1 but none the less, it was a success! Plus, we added new technology. Way to go to Coach Marty for Photo Finish. Check back soon for all youtube links.… Continue Reading “Madison meet series #2”

Short Track Speedskating 101: Checking your Skate Blades

Ever wonder how coach determines if your blades needs sharpening? Now you can learn to do it yourself. No more skating on butler knives without knowing it. You want to sharpen your skates every 2-4 practices. Club members are willing to sharpen for a… Continue Reading “Short Track Speedskating 101: Checking your Skate Blades”