Contact Madison Coaching for :

  • Cut Resident Underskin and Club skins

Other Items can be bought online:

Skates – Contact Coaches for advice and view options at vendors below (links are added below image)

Gloves –preferably cut resistant

Shin guards – especially if you don’t have cut resistant skin suit

Neck Guard– We have a limited supply to rent out.

Skate Guards and Soakers– Measure your blades to make sure these fit.  Additionally, if blades to close to 12 in, this option is available.

— Guards are used for walking from locker room to ice. Soakers are to keep blades from rusting when not in use.

Blister ProtectionEZ Fits and Bunga Pads are 2 very helpful options to minimize and eliminate blisters.

— Alternatively, double up on synthetic socks to reduce direct friction to skin and keep feet dry. 7 strategies to prevent blisters. 

Coach Recommended Vendors

Specialized Equipment:


Skate Now:
Pyro apparel: Speedskating Skins


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