SHort Track Speedskating 101 – Packing Your Bag

Ever Wonder what to pack for practice and what goes into those massive bags you see coach carry around? Check out the first video for our Short Track Speedskating 101 on our Youtube channel.

Note Mary may have mentioned “cut proof” which is a common term for “cut resistant” however no material is entirely cut proof and may in particular situations be cut through.

Packing My Short Track Speedskating Bag

  • Safety Equipment
    • Cut Resistant Skins (Under and Outer Club Skin)
    • Neck Guard
    • Helmet
    • Safety Glasses
    • Cut Resistant Gloves
    • Extra Face Covering
    • Skate Guards (Soakers and Hard)
    • Towel
    • Items Coach Mary forgot to pull out of the secret pockets and describe in the video
      • Thin Mouth Guard (brand: SISU Aero)
      • Ankle Protection (Extra Cut Resistant ankle sleeves to ensure no skin is showing)
  • Warm Clothing
    • 2 pairs of socks (1 to wear after skating)
    • Gloves to wear under cut resistant gloves
    • Layers– t-shirts, sweatshirt, jacket
  • Other Items
    • Water Bottle
    • EZ Fits
    • Extra Laces
    • Extra Hair Ties
    • Wrenches and Bur Stones
    • Lace Tightener (Paint Can Opener)

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