Park Ridge Novice Meet 2019

Thank you Park Ridge Club and volunteers for Hosting such a great meet!  It is such a fun and friendly competition to learn and practice the basics of racing.

Madison showed up in force!

Our team had 6 skaters compete (We were the 3rd largest team at the meet) and Team MSSC brought home several awards and many PB’s…..



Coach Mary (Masters) 1st place, skated an had 2 PB’s

Conor  (Pony’s) – the largest group (13) -1st place, fighting off some fierce competition in the finals.

Ried G (Pee Wee boys) – (6 Skaters) 2nd place, battling back after a fall to claim 2nd place!

Callie (Tiny Tots) – 3rd place, just joined team MSSC and skated so well coming over from Figure Skating

Will S (Pony Boys) skating in the largest group at the meet. Will also plays Hockey but was able to make it to his 1st (ST) “A” final

Daniel (Pony Boys) – Also skating in the largest group at the meet. Just miss making it to an A final… but came away with several PB’s!

Very Proud of how well all skated this weekend. This was a very well run meet and quick turn around for races well done to all. I have attached the times for all to review.

Suggestion from Coach Mary and Coach Sarge

Please write down times so you know when the hit a PB (Personal Best). Coach Mary has some extra not books to keep track of them. Several of our skaters use them now, but being that some are new we can show you how to do it:)

Since participating in competition is part of a skater’s development, I always encourage beginners to compete as part of their own personal growth as skaters.

As your skater progresses up the ladder they will want to know these. + it helps us to know when they get a PB

Team MSSC rocked! Well Done

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