Holiday Classic LT Meet

Good Evening:

I just wanted to send out an update about the Long Track meet today! Wow, did not only Madison Show up but put up some very impressive results. I so proud of all of you who skated today.

Once again, we had more skaters at this meet than we have had in several years. Several skaters skated in there very first meet ever. There were alot of races and all or you skated so hard.

Here is the order of finish:  Madison had 4 skaters in one group! What a competitive group, way to go! These skaters battled every race. So proud of you 4 well done 3 of you had your first meet….



  • Daniel – 1st place -He won all 6 races
  • Reid -2nd place (His very first meet)
  • Will – 4th place (his very first meet as well) he just missed 3rd
  • Louisa – 5th place (her very 1st meet as well)

Narwhals:  Conor, skated to a 3rd place finish, skating in one of the largest groups I believe his group had 13+ skaters. We done, Coach Elise from IL commented on ” How Awesome Conor’s form was”

Polar Bears:  Matthew, Blazed to a first place finish. He had to kind of back off on the starts and then his technical skating took over. Well out distancing the field! He won all of his races from start to finish! This group also had 10+ skaters in it

Seals: Jack, once again, skated in the fastest group of skaters. His overall finish was 3rd. However the Highlight was his PB and 2nd place in the 500m, scorching the track at 42:990. That is playing with the big guns. Also 10+ Skaters!

Walruses: This featured coach Mary skating to a 4th place finish. She overcame some struggles with her equipment to pull our 2 exciting 3rd place results in the final 2 races.

One of the highlights for me this weekend was Diane one of our older skaters(68) entered the meet with a goal to skate lower and faster than she has in the past. She was skating with folks half her age. She was hanging in there. She hit her goal, the lowest and fastest I have seen her skate this year!

Congrats goes out to all. Next meet we get even more, I had several folks tell me it looked like we had Madison skaters all over the place and are excited with the growth of our team!

Congrats and have a great weekend, thanks to all of you who sent there congrats on the US Olympic Award, so many of you were instrumental in helping me achieve this amazing goal. Stay tuned press releases are coming soon. This award is great for our club!

Coach Sarge

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