Park Ridge and Franklin Park Meets

Great Job to the Madison Team this weekend, several skaters skated one or both days. Madison Brought home several Championships along with several Personal Bests. 

Here is who skated both days:

Sat (Park Ridge) 

Jack (Our adopted IL skater)- Won the fastest 1000M award, for the entire meet”Called the Rich Widmark Award. He ended up finishing 2nd over all. Skating with the fastest skaters at the meet!

Calvin – Finished 4th, skating with Jack and the rest of the fastest Skaters in the meet. He was flying from what Coach Mary says!

Daniel – Skated very well! He was in a very tough group as well. He is so improved over last year and you can see it on the ice, every time he skates

Sunday (Franklin Park) –Barrel Buster 

Conor- Champion in Group 3

Coach Mary- Champion in Group 8

Coach Sarge- Champion in Group 9

Jack (Our adopted IL skater) 2nd place in group 7 (The fastest skaters at the meet) 

Calvin- 4th place place in group 7 (The fastest skaters at the meet) He had several PB’s, highlighted by a 2nd place finish in the 500M!!!

Daniel – Skated very well, he was in a very tough group, fought through a couple of falls and skated very well!


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