Travels to Netherlands and Germany


Good afternoon,

As a few of you know, I (coach Mary) am traveling for few weeks and I thought I’d give a short update. I am traveling through Netherlands and Germany for a Rotary International fellowship exchange and convention. I arrived on Thursday, after traveling for approx 14 hrs.

It is currently 11pm in Groningen. It is one of the most northern points of Netherlands. I am staying at a host family, along with my mom. We spent the day looking at energy plants and wind mills, as well as large harbors.

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Before Groningen, we spent 2 days in Bremen, Germany. I took photos of the old town architecture, a political presentation, and the Bremen Town Musicians (look up Grimm’s fairytale).

Before I left he U.S. I checked for ice rinks, but unfortunately most ice has been melted down for he season. Nonetheless, I am still walking on the soil of a great history of speed skating.


Coach Mary


I’m arrived in Hamburg, Germany for the International Rotary Convention. I’m sad to have missed the first ice of summer session, but I am enjoying my travels! The past week, I participated in a Rotary friendship exchange near Groningen, Netherlands. Here are a few photos of my experiences.

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Last week, I attended the RI convention, here are some photos of Hamburg, Germany.

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Greetings from Berlin, Germany. I know, I know… this is the longest blog posting ever. I’m too lazy to separate them all out into a series!

Today I visited the local library, some remains of the Berlin Wall, a number of WWII memorials, and will be attending the philharmonic symphony tonight. Then tomorrow, will be heading to the Hamburg airport and will be back in good old Wisconsin, the next day.

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