Team Banquet 2018-2019

This past weekend, the MSSC came back together to celebrate the finish of another skating season.

It sure looked like everyone enjoyed being back on the ice after our month break. Our open ice time became the unofficial start to our summer season, with a 10×3 warm up and everything. I loved feeling the ice under my feet and seeing everyone ready to start up again, full speed ahead. I know I’m looking forward to summer and I hope you are too!

Thank you to the planning committee for organizing the event. Thank you Bob for preparing the awards. Thank you coaches for the leadership on the ice.

And finally, a HUGE thank you to the Oregon Ice Rink and On Ice Promotions for all that you do for our club!

Thank you Justin Endo for recording!  Zip File for video recording of the 2019 skate banquet

Congrats to our skaters who earned awards this season!

Conor Greene: Most Improved Award
Mathew Voegeli: Coach’s award
Calvin Williams: Bill Carrow Award

First Time Competitors:
Andy and Anna Endo, Eliza Rhodehamel,
Haze and Haden Park, Coach Mary

Andy and Anna Endo: First Time Competitors

ST Nationals Championship Qualifiers:
Coach Sarge, Isaiah Janisch, Mathew Voegeli,
Calvin Williams, Eliza Rhodehamel, Andy Endo


Coach Mary

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