ST National Championship 2019

Wow, What a Weekend!

Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make this weekend a success!

Congratulations to all of our National’s Skaters. We are so proud of you and how much you have achieved this year!

A special congrats goes to all of our first time Nat’s competitors as well.


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Here are the final Standings. Pb’s all over the place and each hung with the best in the country! They worked so hard and it paid off.

Coach Dan (Sarge) Greene: 1st

Isaiah Janisch; 8th

Calvin Williams: 17th

Mathew Volegeli: 22nd

Andy Endo: 18th

Eliza Rhodahamel: 12th


Watch Live Stream Video Archive:

SpeediCast Videos on Youtube: “SpeediCast-2019 Short Track Age Group Nationals/Am Cup 3


More on YouTube. Click on Title to be redirected to YouTube site.

Madison Coaches




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