A Big Thank You

Thank you to Tom and the Riley Family, Bob, and the rest of Madison Speed Skating Club for hosting an amazing weekend of speed skating. With out the help of our volunteer coaches, parents, and skaters; the weekend would not have been as successful as it was.

So Thank you. Thank you for your time and effort, for you dedication to the sport, for seeking out sponsors, baking muffins, organizing people, setting up pads, and for all the other background logistics no one really sees. Thank you.

A special Thank you to Tom and the Riley Family for your continued support and dedication to the Madison Speed Skating Club. We can count on you to jump in and take lead in every aspect of the sport, from hosting events, organizing food, helmet covers, grab bags and more, refereeing, ice crew, and coaching.


We are sad to see you go, but we wish you luck in the future. You will always be welcome in our skating family. We hope to fill the shoes you have left behind and continue to advance our skaters to the next level and build a love of skating and community in Madison and beyond.  We appreciate and respect all that you have done for the club over the years and the sport of speed skating. Thank you.


Thank you,

Madison Coaches

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